A New Answer for Living with Diabetes

Each year, the medical community joins together in November for Diabetes Month to shine a light on the diabetes epidemic that afflicts millions in the US, including both those currently suffering from it and those most at risk. It’s a time to build awareness of the condition, share resources, educate ourselves, and listen to the stories of those whose lives are affected by all forms of this disease for which management of symptoms is still difficult, as is the prevention of the long-term complications of diabetes.

In recent years, bioregulatory medicine has changed the game for those living with diabetes, offering a powerful tool to relieve not just the symptoms of the disease and offer an improved quality of life, but also to prevent further complications. It is based on the body’s innate ability to heal itself and uses natural tools to improve that self-regulation and return our bodily systems to a healthy balance. As a bioregulatory medicine tool, ozone therapy is a safe and holistic treatment to achieve that balance and improve wellness across the board, while controlling and relieving the effects of diabetes.

Diabetes is a chronic disease that occurs when the pancreas does not produce sufficient insulin, or when the body does not utilize that insulin effectively. Insulin is a hormone that regulates blood sugar and carbohydrate and lipid metabolism so that cells throughout the body receive energy in the form of ATP. Untreated, diabetes results in hyperglycemia, an excessive level of sugar in the blood due to the poor levels of insulin, which can lead to even more serious health problems.

Progress has been very slow in allopathic medicine’s search for a cure; to this day, controlling diabetes and its symptoms is left mainly in the hands of the patient, their diet and exercise, and their access to increasingly expensive insulin. But bioregulatory medicine offers a promising new hope for those suffering from diabetes by approaching the disease in a new, more holistic way.

As a treatment for diabetes, ozone therapy provides better oxygenation and regeneration of the tissues, improved circulation, and powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects to make living with diabetes more manageable. According to Dr. Frank Shallenberger, Director of the Center for Alternative and Anti-Aging Medicine in Carson City, NV and president of The American Academy for Ozone Therapy, “Ozone can produce dramatic improvements in both the primary and secondary symptoms of diabetes in adult patients. The connection between ozone and diabetes is the circulation of the blood.” There are also countless scientific publications that support the use of medical ozone as an adjuvant treatment to stop the progression of diabetes, as well as provide safe and effective relief for its numerous symptoms.

Those with diabetes are at much greater risk of many resultant health complications, but particularly those related to the nervous system, circulatory system, metabolic system, and tissue health. Ozone therapy’s holistic approach to wellness and health addresses all of these systems, offering a chance for those with diabetes to reclaim their lives and health in a safe and natural way.

One of the most common resultant health complications from diabetes is circulation issues, where the blood that reaches the tissues is unable to transport sufficient oxygen. Oxygen is our blood’s best friend, so it goes without saying that ozone therapy can do wonders for our circulatory systems. Introducing medical ozone (a combination of O2 and O3), provides the body with more oxygen in the blood, thus greatly improving circulation and tissue oxygenation. More 2,3-DPG molecules are produced, which on one hand improves the oxygen delivery system through the hemoglobin, creating more efficiency in the blood oxygenation, and on the other hand, produces more energy as ATP to enhance the metabolism. Moreover, nitric oxide, a potent vasodilator, is produced to improve circulation and endothelial health.

Medical ozone also has a strong effect on cellular metabolism – the body’s process of converting food into energy. By introducing ozone, we activate the metabolism, creating an effect similar to intense exercise. This leads to better tissue oxygenation and the body’s processes become more efficient. It also increases ATP levels, which allows cells to better regulate the passage of materials in and out of the cell, amongst many other health benefits.

But high blood sugar and dietary restrictions are far from the only complications brought on by diabetes. The list of resulting health issues from the disease is long and diverse. Side effects like high blood pressure, fatigue, dry skin, nausea, depression, neuropathic pain, and impaired wound healing are all common issues faced by diabetics, and are all effectively treated with ozone therapy.

Our unique protocol is an adjuvant solution for treating a variety of serious health conditions, and the option that provides the best relief for those suffering from diabetes. However, treatment is customized for each patient, and will be tailored to address both the diabetes itself, as well as the resulting side effects from diabetes medications and the symptoms each patient experiences. We’ve seen inspiring results in our clients treated for diabetes with ozone therapy. The relief it provides allows them to reestablish quality of life, and make living with such a multi-faceted chronic condition more manageable.

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