A New Solution for Stressful Skin Conditions

Everyone loves the summer. But for some, the warm weather brings with it a sense of panic over the prospect of “showing off more skin” than usual when living with a complicated skin condition, or even just a prominent spot or scar. It’s hotter than ever, long sleeves and pants don’t make sense, and there’s nowhere to hide that psoriasis spot on the beach!

Treatments for many chronic skin conditions, like psoriasis and vitiligo, vary in their effectiveness from person to person, and many find themselves trying to address it in ways that can actually be more harmful than helpful. To add insult to injury, people dealing with psoriasis are told to get as much sun as possible to lessen the severity of outbreaks, and yet the idea of having their condition out on display for everyone to see can be terrifying, especially in the summer.

The good news is, ozone therapy is actually a very effective treatment for many of these frustrating conditions, especially when used in combination with orthomolecular medicine and other regenerative treatments, such as Ozonated Platelet Rich Plasma, Ozonated Growth Factors Rich Plasma, Ozonated oils, and skin radio frequencies. Used together, these tools maximize the effect of each treatment with incredible effects for your skin.

With this in mind, we have developed a new ozone protocol, OzoneSkin, specifically designed to both bring back the brightness, freshness, and youthful appearance of your skin, but also to help improve skin diseases like acne, psoriasis, spots and scars, chronic fungal infections, and heal wounds and ulcers in a natural and effective way. We use cycles of ozone therapy in various combinations with the innovative tools mentioned above to combat each condition directly and effectively.

Our OzoneSkin treatments are broken down into four protocols:

  • Recovery Skin: Treats most systemic skin diseases, such as acne, psoriasis, vitiligo, and lupus.

  • Rejuvenate Skin: A unique combination of anti-aging facials with ozonated plasma and radio frequency for a rejuvenating effect.

  • Clear Skin: Treats spots, scars, burns, and post-surgery skin complications.

  • Regenerate Skin: Treats ulcers, chronic fungal infections, and promotes wound healing.

OzoneSkin was carefully designed by our team of experts, with experience in both ozone therapy and plastic surgery, to combat each of those conditions in unique combinations of innovative tools for maximum effectiveness. Whether you’re looking to improve the overall look and feel of your skin, or struggling with a skin disease that makes your life more difficult or causes you stress, this protocol was designed for you!

To introduce OzoneSkin, we’re offering 20% off all treatments through July and August (not applicable when using a payment plan). Or, if you’re not ready to commit to the full protocol, our Beauty Boosters are a great introduction to ozone therapy. Part of our IV therapy menu, they are designed to detox your body of noxious substances and excess medications that damage your skin, hair, and nails and restore the nutrients that regenerate tissues to your body.

OzoneTherapyUSA is a leading specialist, with more than 12 years of experience, in bioregulatory medicine and the application of ozone therapies. If you think OzoneSkin might be the solution you need to treat a chronic skin condition, call us to schedule your first free consultation at (954) 479-6717.