BOOST Your Health and Wellness in a Safe and Natural Way!

Ozone therapy is a safe, natural, and effective bioregulatory medicine tool that has been used worldwide for many years. There are many different ways in which this revolutionary therapy can be applied, from topical ozonated oils, to injectables and IV therapies. At OzoneTherapyUSA, our team has leveraged their unique backgrounds and expertise to develop protocols that target our clients’ needs using the most effective methods. While our full ozone therapy protocols usually require six full sessions with our experts, we have also developed a line of Boosters that address many of those conditions without as much of a time commitment.

Energy Booster

We all could use a little energy boost now and then, and sometimes that extra shot of espresso isn’t going to cut it. Our Energy Booster uses a combination of ozone autoimmune vaccines and Silver Power IVs to give you all the extra energy and wellness you need to live life fully. It also restores overall health, improves cognitive functions like memory and mood swings, activates the metabolism, favors tissue oxygenation, and serves as a powerful antioxidant.

Metabolic Booster

For those looking for a safe, natural solution to help on your quest to regain your ideal weight and quality of life, our Metabolic Booster is just what you’re looking for. By combining sessions of ozone therapy with vitamin B12 injectables, it both activates your basal metabolism and increases energy to prepare your body to achieve your personal goals.

Sex Booster

Our Sex Booster is specifically designed for sexually active men of any age who want to increase and enhance their sexual drive. This is not something you want to treat with dubious pills from the gas station! Through the use of systemic ozone therapy combined with intramuscular testosterone, it increases energy, libido, and sexual performance, while the nitric oxide secretion it triggers improves erections to help you enjoy your sex life to the fullest.

Immune Booster

Strengthening our immune systems is more important than ever. Our Immune Booster consists of the application of autovaccines (minor autohemotherapy) together with an immune activator IV drip to keep your immune system strong and ready to fight off diseases, bacteria, and viral infections so you can conquer cold and flu season with ease and stay healthy year-round.

Recovery Booster

Sometimes, recovering from a viral infectious disease can be a long, painful journey in itself. Even though your body has overcome the infection, it can take a while to get back to feeling like yourself again. We developed a Recovery Booster to speed up that process with sessions of ozone therapy alongside immune activator IVs. It increases oxygenation and energy, while helping to eliminate the oxidative stress caused by the disease to help recover your exhausted immune system and prevent further complications or sequelae.

Beauty Booster

Our Beauty Booster is designed to make you feel great in the knowledge that you look fantastic! Using a Procaine Plus IV cocktail, part of our IV Therapy Menu, it slows down the aging process and provides the nutrients your body needs to regenerate tissues. Procaine is a molecule that prevents tissue aging, and is the main component of this Booster that is also a great way to detox your body of the noxious substances, excess medications, alcohol, cigarettes, and oxidative stress that damages your skin, hair, and nails. You’re already beautiful, we just help you maintain it!

OzoneTherapyUSA is a leading specialist, with over 10 years of experience, in the application of ozone therapies. Ozone therapy is a safe and natural biological medicine tool that has no interaction with any medications and has been used worldwide for many years. Our Boosters start at $470 and you can schedule your free initial consultation over Zoom chat!