Everything You Need to Know About Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy is a safe, natural, and highly effective tool for everything from boosting your energy and immune system, to preventing premature aging and recovering from illness. It is a bioregulatory medicine that respects the natural laws of healing and gives our body’s internal systems the tools it needs to become stronger, faster, and more adaptable. In this way, it also serves as a preventive treatment – by preparing your body to easily withstand and quickly recover from anything that seeks to disrupt our natural state of health. It is, however, a relatively new treatment in the US – so here’s everything you need to know about how ozone works and its many health benefits.

Medical Ozone

Medical Ozone is a mixture of oxygen (O2) and ozone (O3) that creates a potent medical prodrug with a long list of uses. Ozone (O3) is a natural gas molecule composed of three atoms of oxygen, which is obtained by an electric discharge to pure O2 through a medical ozone generator. Medical Ozone is used as an oxidative medical tool to activate your antioxidant, immune, and circulatory systems. Its benefits are due to an indirect effect through second molecular messengers: the ozonides. Once ozone gets into your blood, it oxidizes lipids and proteins, and disappears leaving the “ozonides” to do the job. That is what makes it a powerful tool for both recovery, and improving wellness and quality of life in healthy people when administered in a variety of ways. Used as a medical tool, it seeks to address the source of illness or discomfort, rather than simply dulling the effects of the symptoms. This approach sets it apart from most traditional treatments, and provides enhanced relief for our clients.

Clinical Research

While Ozone Therapy is a relatively new phenomenon in the US, it has actually been used around the world for well over half a century. As a topic for research and development, it has been studied and discussed in the medical community extensively in the last decade. From 2020-2021, there were four articles posted per day on the PubMed Central database that studied the medical use of ozone and its applications, a rate which continues to grow in 2022. You can find some highlights of this research on our website.


Ozone Therapy is a safe and very simple treatment, which continues to be further reinforced by continued research and worldwide use. There are virtually zero side effects and it does not interact with other medications. In fact, when used as an adjuvant treatment for serious medical conditions like cancer, it is much safer than chemotherapy and radiation. This is why Ozone Therapy is used not only to treat serious medical conditions, but also as a highly effective form of “self-care” in healthy people for its energy, immune strength, and even beauty and anti-aging benefits.

Natural Treatment

The best thing about Ozone Therapy is that it’s a natural treatment. Medical Ozone is simply a mixture of two natural gases: ozone, made up of three atoms of oxygen rather than two, plus the oxygen we breathe. Moreover, it’s a highly effective solution to reducing other pharmaceutical medications. This is what makes it such a powerful treatment for chronic pain and muscle and joint discomfort. The pain relief it provides is so effective that we’ve seen many patients greatly reduce the amount of painkillers they’ve been prescribed, which can be very harmful and extremely addictive.

Our Services

The OzoneTherapyUSA Team has leveraged their unique backgrounds and expertise to develop unique and personalized protocols for maximum effectiveness for our clients. These protocols are designed to achieve specific results based on the lifestyle and goals of our patients, and then further personalized in one-on-one consultations with our Chief Scientific Officer. For patients in need of treatment for a specific illness or condition, OzoneMedical is the best option, while we also offer OzoneHealth for overall wellness benefits, OzoneSport for athletes, and OzoneSilver for older adults.

Our line of Boosters, which require less of a commitment than the full protocols, are even more specialized. These use various combinations of Ozone Therapy, IV vitamins and mineral cocktails, autovaccines, Procaine, amongst other tools to create very specific results for improved health and wellness. Our Boosters can provide everything from increased energy, to faster recovery from illness, to beauty and metabolic benefits, and even enhanced sexual performance.

OzoneTherapyUSA is a leading specialist, with over 15 years of international experience in the application of Ozone Therapies, impacting the lives of over 3,000 patients. Our clinics are located in Brickell and Doral, Florida. Our protocols range from $1,000 - $1,650 and you can schedule your free consultation over Zoom chat!