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How Ozone Therapy Provides Safe + Natural Relief for Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is an agonizing condition that affects over 50 million people in the US, and is one of the most common reasons people seek medical treatment. It is defined as a persistent pain experienced for longer than 12 weeks, but can last for months and even years. Living with it can be unbearable, and while there are many medical treatments for it, chronic pain is difficult to overcome. To compound the issue, the most common treatment, pharmaceutical pain management, has an extremely high risk of addiction that can lead to even more debilitating consequences.

The good news is that ozone therapy offers a safe and natural alternative for treating chronic pain that has no interactions with other medications and very few side effects, none of which are severe. The relief it provides comes from the multifaceted effects ozone has on the body, tackling the pain on multiple levels and seeking to address the underlying cause of the pain rather than just dull the senses to ignore it.

But before we look at precisely how ozone works to relieve chronic pain, let’s take a deeper look at the causes and biological process of the condition to better understand the benefits of treating it with ozone. Pain is a broad term in the medical field – it can refer to anything from a common mild headache to excruciating discomfort, usually caused by injury or illness.

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, “Pain starts in receptor nerve cells found beneath the skin and in organs throughout the body. When you are sick, injured, or have other type of problem, these receptor cells send messages along nerve pathways to the spinal cord, which then carries the message to the brain.” While acute pain can be a protective mechanism – our bodies telling us that what we’re doing is unsafe – chronic pain serves no physiological role.

Ozone therapy is a bioregulatory medicine that uses an individualized set of treatments and clinical approaches to create a balance and give your body the tools it needs to heal naturally. Instead of blocking the body’s ability to feel what is going on inside, it seeks to find the root of the problem and solve the cause, rather than the effect. Unlike surgery, it is minimally invasive, and therefore much safer, and has none of the risks of addiction or side effects of standard pharmaceutical pain treatment.

For people suffering from chronic pain, it addresses the causes and triggers from multiple angles to provide powerful and effective relief. When administered intramuscularly, ozone (O3), which is a natural gas, oxidizes the pain and inflammation chemical mediators locally, eliminating them from the injured tissue. It reaches the affected areas by diffusion to neutralize the inflammation in the adjacent nerves and muscles, while decompressing the nerves, significantly improving symptoms, reducing swelling and pain. On the other hand, when administered systemically i.e. as minor autohemotherapy (autovaccine) or as intravenous Ozonated Saline Solution, it provides a natural systemic anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. It then increases oxygenation of the area, stimulating blood circulation in the nerve root for further relief.

But the benefits for chronic pain sufferers go far beyond the analgesic. The combined effects of ozone therapy provide further relief in the following ways:

  • Anti-Inflammatory Effects

  • Circulation Activation

  • Tissue Oxygenation

  • Antioxidant Properties

  • Immune System Modulation

  • Tissue Healing and Regeneration

We’ve seen powerful results in our patients treated for chronic pain with ozone therapy in just a few sessions. The relief it provides allows them to reestablish quality of life, resume their normal activities and lifestyle, get a full night’s sleep, and put their chronic pain in the rearview mirror. Research on this treatment is ongoing, but its effects have already been proven by multiple scientific studies.

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