What do you know about antioxidants?

We should first talk about the redox balance of the body. Free radicals, which are substances that oxidize your tissues and cells and damage them, are produced due to your body metabolism, physical or mental stress, use of medications, alcohol or tobacco abuse, chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, viral infections and even cancer. The balance between these oxidizing agents (or free radicals) and antioxidant agents is what allows cells to divide and regenerate in a healthy way.

Antioxidants are substances produced by your body to keep you healthy and prevent cell damage and premature aging. There are also man-made antioxidants in the form of nutritional supplements, or they can be found in many foods such as fruits and vegetables. The best known are beta-carotenes, lutein, selenium, vitamins A, C and E. Also you may have heard a lot about glutathione, which is a very important part of the immune system and a very powerful antioxidant that your body produces and regulates.

But let us tell you about the antioxidant power of Ozone Therapy. Ozone is a gas (O3) that is used in medicine as a stressor on many of your body's systems to stimulate or modulate them. In fact, when ozone comes into contact with your tissues and particularly with your blood (through Ozone Systemic Therapy), a few second messengers are produced that we call "ozonides" that are responsible for stimulating your antioxidant system and eliminating all excess free radicals from your body.

Ozone Therapy is much more effective as an antioxidant than dietary supplements because it keeps your innate antioxidant system active and working to eliminate excess free radicals for much longer. At OzoneTherapyUSA we have developed protocols that combine intravenous supplements and Ozone Systemic Therapy sessions to make your body healthier, prevent diseases and their complications, and slow down aging.

If you want more information, we have a list of scientific references in the "resources/ scientific publishing" section so that you can better understand the biochemical bases and clinical effects of Ozone Therapy.