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Why the Immune System?

Have you seen how the body's immune or defense system is the main protagonist when we talk about health and prevention?

We tell you a little about your Immune System, how it works and how we can modulate it to generate more health.

The human body is designed to regenerate, detoxify and be in balance, that is healthy. The Immune System is the great regulator of all systems, like a great orchestra director. For example, it protects us from germs through a set of cells that we call white blood cells and substances such as cytokines and antibodies, capable of reaching every corner and detecting the entry of a foreign agent to eliminate it. But it is also in charge of regulating hormones, eliminating cancer cells (which we produce every day), keeping the body deflated, among many other functions.

If we talk about infections, the Immune System has a first line of attack, the innate or nonspecific immune reaction, which can stop the entry of germs and neutralizing them. In addition, there is an acquired immune reaction that specifically identifies foreign agents by producing memory antibodies that recognize and eliminate them.

When we say that the Immune System is depressed, we speak of immunosuppression, which can be caused by physical or mental stress, chronic diseases such as Diabetes, cancer or after a viral infection such as influenza and COVID-19. But it can also be hyperactive such as in allergies, autoimmune diseases where inflammation is out of control and the Immune System goes against the body, such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, LUPUS, and others.

Now you understand why having an active Immune System ready to work is so important to promote health. That is why we speak of Immune System Activators or “Immune Boosters“, so that this innate response is appropriate and protective.

Ozone Therapy is a valuable tool of Biological Medicine that offers specific protocols to strengthen the Immune System. When we use ozone gas (O 3 ) as a “pro-drug”, we modulate the Immune System. Your Ozone Therapist will use low or medium O 3 concentrations to stimulate your Immune System or higher concentrations to inhibit it, so it is not hyperactive and cause autoimmune diseases. OzoneTherapyUSA has designed preventive strategies such as the Immune Booster, to activate and strengthen the innate immune response and the Recovery Booster to help the person recover from the physical impact left by the disease and prevent complications and sequelae in the medium and long term.