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Ozone therapy is a safe and effective tool that has been used in biological medicine worldwide for many years. The OzoneTherapyUSA team has developed unique and personalized protocols that maximize the effectiveness of our treatments.

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Ozone Health is a set of ozone therapy protocols especially designed to prevent, restore, and slow down the premature aging of your body. They are designed to be a powerful antioxidant that can potentiate a self-healing process, improve the metabolism, and modulate the immune system.

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Ozone Sport is the only ozone therapy protocol to potentiate your physical strength and get your body to a maximum level of performance in a natural and safe manner.

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Medical Ozone is used as an adjuvant medical treatment to treat a wide range of acute illnesses and diseases. It also prevents many major and common complications of chronic diseases.

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This unique OzoneTherapyUSA protocol is designed with the purpose of restoring radiance, freshness, and a youthful appearance to your skin.

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Ozone Silver is a set of ozone therapy protocols specifically designed to restore health, cure illness, and prevent diseases. They are highly effective protocols when used as anti-aging medicine.

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Welcome to OzoneTherapyUSA

Ozone therapy is an alternative medical treatment that is used as an adjuvant in a wide range of diseases. Some of its benefits are:

  • Immune booster

  • Metabolic stimulator

  • Powerful antioxidant with anti-aging effects

  • Adjuvant in several medical conditions

  • Analgesic & anti-inflammatory

  • Promotes tissue regeneration

  • Improves blood circulation

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Biological Medicine is a form of medicine that is based in your Body’s INNATE POWER to regenerate its tissues and heal. We recalibrate that power with activation of biological systems through natural methods and pinpoint the original causes of the disorder and discover the exceptional story and healing path of each of our patients.

The natural state of your Self (Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit) is one of health and harmony, and your body’s regulatory systems are able to maintain that wellness despite the occasional imbalance.

Biological Medicine respects the natural laws of healing and helps the body become more self-adaptable. This way, your body is as strong as possible so that when illness and disease strike, it’s less of an issue.

Moreover, this innate natural healing process will regenerate your cells and tissues and slow down the premature aging of your body without the side effects that the allopathic medications could provoke.

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Safe and Natural Healing

IV Therapies and Ozone Therapies:

  • Improve your energy

  • Provide anti-aging benefits

  • Help to improve over 3000 ailments

  • Reduce pain

  • Utilize unique protocol

  • Combine therapies to improve the specific condition


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