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Ozone Medical

OzoneTherapyUSA ha diseñado este protocolo único como tratamiento médico adyuvante para tratar una amplia gama de enfermedades agudas y crónicas. Además, es una herramienta para la prevención de complicaciones en enfermedades crónicas como diabetes, hipertensión, síndrome metabólico, obesidad, enfermedades cardiovasculares entre otras.


Ozone Medical se utiliza como tratamiento médico adyuvante para tratar una amplia gama de enfermedades agudas y crónicas. Además, previene las principales y comunes complicaciones de las enfermedades crónicas.

Ozone Therapy se considera un complemento del tratamiento médico convencional. es seguro y no tiene efectos secundarios importantes. Ha demostrado un poderoso efecto en la atención preventiva y la medicina anti-envejecimiento y en el empoderamiento físico y el bienestar. Es una herramienta muy poderosa para que personas de todas las edades recuperen su calidad de vida.

*6 sesiones varian entre $1,000 a $1,650


La ozono terapia se considera un complemento del tratamiento médico convencional, es segura y no tiene efectos secundarios importantes. Es un instrumento muy poderoso para recuperar la calidad de vida de personas de todas las edades.

  • Potente antioxidante.

  • Modula el sistema inmunológico.
  • Analgésico y antiinflamatorio.
  • Mejora la circulación venosa y arterial.
  • Favorece la oxigenación de los tejidos.
  • Activa el metabolismo.
  • Promueve la cicatrización y regeneración de tejidos.
  • Induce la producción de endorfinas y serotonina.

Ozone Medical es un protocolo que se aplica en CICLOS que comprenden una combinación de sesiones de ozono sistémico y sueros intravenosos con suplementos de oligoelementos y vitaminas. El número de sesiones y la duración de los ciclos dependerán de la evaluación médica que realice el medico Ozonoterapeuta diseñando el tratamiento a la medida de las necesidades del paciente.


Ozone Therapy is the best treatment I have ever had in my life

“I am a very active 47 years old Psychologist. My experience has been fantastic. I am allergic to thousands of things, from NSAIDs, iodine, meats, food preservatives, dyes, mites, and many others. I had tried multiple treatments including allopathic and homeopathy, but with ozone therapy, I am amazed. I have had months where I have not needed any allergy medicine or had an allergic crisis. Normally, my face swells up so bad my eyelids shut, and I have had glottic edema on several occasions. When I learned about Ozone Therapy it gave me a feeling of HOPE and that gave me a lot of confidence. I was skeptical about these new treatments because I had tried many things without any results and I had spent a lot of money, but I decided to give it a try. I started with an attack protocol followed by the maintenance phase. After the first of 5 sessions, the results were extraordinary. Since day 1 I have not had any big allergies, imagine! In my case, the benefits are undeniable and that is why I give this testimony. For some people, allergies may be a small thing, but for others like me, they completely limit your life. I am very grateful that I found Ozone Therapy.”

I totally recommend the Ozone Therapy

“I am a 64-year-old accountant and have Interstitial Cystitis, a chronic disease of AUTOIMMUNE origin that causes pain and recurrent infections in the bladder. I had suffered from this disease for many years and it has been very difficult to cope with throughout my life. The pain and the use of antibiotics for so long kept me in a state of depression and I had no quality of life. Then I found Ozone Therapy treatment through my primary-care doctor. After a cycle of ozone therapy and intravenous supplements I have felt much better, more active, I sleep very well, and the urinary infections have subsided. I understand that Ozone Therapy is a Medical Treatment that takes time, but I will not stop until I am completely healed.”