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Ozone Silver

Designed to improve the living conditions of older adults.

Ozone Therapy in combination with IV elements and vitamin supplements is a very effective tool to improve the living conditions of older adults.

Ozone Silver reduces the consumption of prescribed medications for chronic diseases (mainly anti-inflammatory and pain relievers) which reduces the adverse effects of polymedication.

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Ozone therapy in combination with orthomolecular medicine (trace elements and vitamin supplements) is a very effective tool to improve the living conditions of older adults.

Ozone Silver is a set of specifically designed protocols to restore health, and cure and prevent diseases. They are also highly effective protocols when used as anti-aging medicine.

*6 sessions between $1,000 to $1,650


Old age or prolonged youth is usually associated with silver hair. It is a stage of life where the experience of years lived should give us a time of rest and of opportunities to do things that were postponed by the vicissitudes of adult life while one was dedicated to the family, to the children, and developing one's professional life.


I really did not know about ozone therapy, the truth is that I recommend it to all people that want to get back energy and quality of life

“I found it very interesting when I heard that there were protocols for seniors like me, who, in addition to my 78 years of age, has diabetes. I am hypertensive and have had trouble sleeping for years. I also have anxiety about everything that happens in my life. I did the first cycle of ozone therapy and IV therapy and it was excellent — to the point that I have lowered the number of pills I take for blood pressure and I sleep much better. I am now in maintenance therapy. It is a very simple procedure and it is nice to come and have it administered.”


“I finished my ozone treatment and I feel REPOTENTIATED. I am an active grandma of 71 years and I go to the gym every day. Ozone Silver has given me much more energy, and my muscles don’t hurt after training. My skin has become smoother and more hydrated, and everyone has noticed it. To all people who want to live their lives healthily and active, I recommend ozone therapy.”

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