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Ozone Sport

Designed for maximum performance athletes. With pre-competition preparation and post-competition recovery formulas, Ozone Sport is designed specifically to prepare the body for the demands of intense workouts and then to replace vitamins and trace elements lost during competitions.

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Ozone Sport is the ONLY ozone therapy protocol to potentiate your physical strength and bring your body to a maximum level of performance in a natural and safe manner.

  • Greater physical resistance

  • Greater oxygenation of tissues

  • Faster recovery

  • Fewer injuries

  • Maximum performance

*6 sessions between $1,000 to $1,650


Why is Ozone Therapy so effective in boosting your PHYSICAL PERFORMANCE?

  • Increases tissue oxygenation
  • Increases energy production, resulting in better performance and faster recovery
  • Oxidizes lactic acids, helping to prevent muscle pain and ease recovery
  • Reduces swelling, bruising, and pain from injuries and speeds healing
  • Prevents and treats colds and flu symptoms and increases immunity
  • Increases hormone production to optimal levels, eliminating the need for artificial steroids

Ozone Sport PROTOCOLS:

  • Kick-Off: This protocol is to start your training and boost your energy.

  • Training: We will accompany your training schedule and tailor it to your athletic discipline.
  • Pre-Competition: Get ready to perform at your best.
  • Recovery: We help you to recover from the oxidative stress and fatigue due to the competition.


I really recommend ALL TRIATHLETES to be part of this program to reach their maximum performance in a natural way

“I am delighted that Ozone Sport Miami asked me to be their athlete image. I am 35 years old, mother of 3, wife, and passionate about exercise. I was training to compete in my first triathlon, and I was very anxious. As I started the “Training” protocol, my coach was impressed with my performance and times achieved. My first triathlon was excellent. I finished in 5th place in my category. Excellent! Then, in just 1 month I completed the pre-competition protocol for a Second Triathlon, and it was even better, coming from 3rd, very close to 1st place. AMAZING!”


“I am a 38 years old triathlete and a full-time manager. I have competed in triathlons for many years. After doing the Ozone Sport protocols, I have NEVER felt so good — before and after the competition — in my life. You feel fully energized, training is much easier, and I managed to improve my times in all 3 competitions (swimming, cycling, and running). But BEST of all, I don’t feel tired during workouts and after competitions. So you can try your best without your daily work life being affected by tiredness and muscle aches”.

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